Finding Strong Coffee Beans

Are you on the search for strong coffee beans? I hear you. It is not fun, going to the grocery store, browsing the aisles looking for something more to put in your cup of coffee.

If you’re like many individuals, you aren’t satisfied with the regular big brand coffee. You want something with a little more punch. Something to really get your day going, right? Well let’s get you started in the right direction, shall we?

First, you need to determine your definition of strong. Is it caffeine you want to be strong? Or the flavor? They are two very different things and you should decide which is more important to make your decision on your quest for good strong coffee.

If it’s bold flavor you’re after, it helps if the coffee bean is a darker color. This is one reason a French roast is popular. This way, the beans are roasted a bit longer, giving them a much more rich and powerful flavor profile. However, you have to tread carefully here, as the longer you roast the coffee beans, the less caffeine remains as it gets lost to the heat.

On the other side of the spectrum, is a lighter cup of coffee. This is commonly referred to as a “breakfast blend” for its higher amount of caffeine. This can really get you going in the morning! Hence the name. This type of roast will generally have a much stronger effect on your body, but will taste a bit weaker.

These are things to keep in mind when you mention you like strong coffee.

Now once you have your taste preference for which type of strong you like, then you can move on to how to actually prepare your coffee at home. It’s really quite simple.

When you get down to it, the only two ingredients when brewing your coffee at home is water and coffee grounds. So it really is as simple as adjusting your coffee to water ratio. To make a stronger cup, increase the amount of coffee grounds in your brew without changing the amount of water used.

Most brews utilize a ratio that rest somewhere between 1:18 and 1:16 (1 part coffee to 16-18 parts water). The find out your perfect strength, start at 1:16 and slowly increase the amount of coffee grounds until you reach your coffee nirvana.

Don’t overdo it though. If you use too much coffee, really anything higher than 1:16, you’re going to get more of a sour taste because solubles weren’t fully dissolved in the water.

So there you have it! First find what’s more important to you, flavor or strength. Then experiment until you find the perfect balance to create your own “perfect cup of strong coffee.”

Coffee Mugs to Suit Your Personality

It is quite annoying to leave your cozy bed every morning. However, a strong cup of coffee makes it a little bit easier. There’s probably no one in this world who doesn’t like to start his day with a cup of strong coffee or tea. This calls for the need of a right coffee mug too. The right coffee mug can make every morning a happy morning. If you choose a perfect mug, it would make your tea or coffee taste better. These mugs make great gifts as too. Moreover, you can express your personality with a stylish coffee mug with unique designs on them. As you would be having tea or other beverages during your stay at home or at the office, you should have the perfect mug to relish the flavour of your favourite brew for long.

Now, to help you find the perfect coffee mug or cup for yourself or for any of your loved one, here are some important tips for you:

1) The material of the mug: The coffee mugs are available in a variety of materials viz. Ceramic, Bone China and more. We suggest a ceramic or porcelain Mug as it bears large handles and is thick enough to keep the coffee insulated for long. Also, the mug does not feel extremely hot while holding with both your hands. If you like to start your day with cold coffee, you must select a mug that is considerably longer and has a wide surface area.

2) As coffee mugs are available in various sizes, choose the appropriate size you would like as per your choice. On an average, the usual mugs are of 11Oz. or 325mL in capacity. The are perfect to hold by both hands, have enough coffee for one time and can boost amazing designs.

3) Finally, the design printed on the coffee mugs reflects one’s own individuality. It particularly depends if one would love the motivational quotes on the mug, your favourite TV show quotation, your favourite character, a rock band or simply a beautiful art print over the same. When someone looks at your coffee mug while you are sipping your favourite drink in it, they simply know the kind of person you are; you love music, a comic or TV show or love to wake up to certain motivation to start your day.

Here’s How You Can Be A Health Conscious Coffee Lover

For many years coffee was a taboo drink for anyone remotely health conscious. But nowadays even the most health conscious people can drink coffee too. Like everything else, there are a few rules that we need to stick to, in order to be healthy coffee drinkers.

There has always been a debate about whether decaffeinated coffee is better than normal coffee. My personal feeling is that if I am going to have a cup of coffee, I would rather have one cup of the best coffee that I am able to, instead of lots of cups of “not the real thing.” It is a bit like drinking non-alcoholic beer. There are so many nicer drinks to drink, so if you are not going to drink a really good beer there’s no point in drinking a sub-standard beer.

There seems to be a link between decaffeinated coffee and high cholesterol levels. No one is sure why, but the possibility is that the chemicals used to extract the caffeine may raise cholesterol.

Methyl chloride is sometimes used to extract caffeine, and this is a carcinogenic that can contribute towards cancer.

The great news is that all of us healthy people can pour ourselves a cup of coffee, and enjoy it whilst reading the list of healthy drinking coffee tips below:

Only ever drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee per day.

Do not every consume coffee at any time after lunchtime.

Do not add sugar to your coffee. Some people do like to add a bit of honey to sweeten their coffee, which is fine.

Do not use artificial sweeteners.

Preferably drink coffee made with organic coffee beans.

Cinnamon is really healthy, and can be added to your coffee.

Do not use artificial coffee creamers, but rather use fresh milk.

Some benefits to drinking coffee are:

Gives you energy.

Keeps you alert.

It is an anti-oxidant.

Kills bacteria in your mouth, and helps prevent cavities.

Helps burn fat, and diminishes cellulite.

Helps protect against Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, type 2 Diabetes, Gout, Melanoma and lots more diseases. (I am hesitant to be too sure of all of these preventions. Lots of tests have been done, but for all the good caffeine has the potential to do, it can do as much harm to your body, if drunk excessively.)

There is nothing like the aroma of coffee. When people are trying to sell their houses, they are often advised to brew coffee, as when people smell the aroma, they automatically feel at home. Coffee aroma brings down our stress levels, and is extremely calming.

Finally, I know this may sound crazy, but if you have a headache, or need to take painkillers for any reason, if you take them with coffee instead of water, they are far more effective. And this can help to prevent migraines.